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Mayor Oliver Gilbert Talks Miami Gardens' Future, Trayvon Martin & Black Apathy

Posted by: Peterbailey | Thu, April 17, 2014 10:38 AM MDT

LL Cool J Talks Monogamy, Authenticity & Faith

Posted by: Peterbailey | Wed, April 09, 2014 08:16 AM MDT

Anthony Hamilton Talks Infidelity, Reconciliation & Soul Inspiration

Posted by: Peterbailey | Wed, April 09, 2014 08:14 AM MDT

Chad Johnson Calls Monogamy "Impossible", Talks NFL "Box" & Liberty City

Posted by: Peterbailey | Tue, April 01, 2014 11:11 AM MDT

Brad Meltzer Talks Jay Z, Kanye West & the Illuminati

Posted by: Peterbailey | Thu, March 13, 2014 09:51 AM MDT

Yo Gotti: "The streets are like a brand now"

Posted by: Peterbailey | Thu, February 27, 2014 02:12 PM MST

Clinton Portis Slams Reality TV, Talks Redskins Legacy & NFL Lawsuit

Posted by: Peterbailey | Sun, February 16, 2014 11:10 AM MST


A pro athlete meets an attractive woman on South Beach while vacationing and soon enough a tumultuous romance ensues.

During the fall-out of salacious and juicy press the woman capitalizes on the newfound fame by appearing on one of the those "I Dated a Baller" shows.

That's reality.

Or at least that is the reality currently defined by shows like "BasketBall Wives" and "Love & Hip Hop", both sautéed in a potpourri of gossip and brawls, leaving us viewers hungry for what in all respects should be just mere entertainment.

But what happens when a culture of young women find this route to fortune, traversed by exploitation and degradation more appealing than that of medical or law school?

Vibe magazine even put Evelyn Lozada and her raucous raising bunch on the magazines cover.

"There's more to life than reality TV," argues former Redskins running back Clinton Portis.

It's sending the wrong message to young women who may believe sleeping with a pro athlete puts you in the fast track to stardom, he says.

Portis, one of the most engaging guests to appear on my NiteCap series was emphatic in decrying the current state of TV viewing.

The reality television brain drain hasn't been limited to ex-baller wives, even ministers have gotten in on the ratings with hugely popular "Preacher of LA".

"I won't even watch that. I refuse to watch that show," says Portis.

So just what does he think should be the primetime TV lineup?

"Put back inspirational shows on TV. I remember watching "The Flinstones". "The Jetsons". "Pinky and the Brain", says Portis. "Give back "The Andy Griffith Show". Give back inspiration to people and figure out a way to get the family back in front of the TV."


Redskins Santana Moss Talks RGIII & Rise of Black Quarterbacks

Posted by: Peterbailey | Tue, February 04, 2014 12:34 PM MST

Sean Paul Talks Caribbean Reparations, Dancehall Evolution & 2 Chainz

Posted by: Peterbailey | Wed, January 29, 2014 08:14 PM MST


For most, the islands nestled amid the waters separating North from South America offer respite from the concrete jungle.

These enchanted lands with their pristine beaches, echoing sultry rhythms fed by exotic dishes and served by accommodating locals form the backdrop for any tale in paradise.

But paradise for whom?

It's a question myself, one of the admittedly less accommodating locals, has often brewed over.

With many of the island nations facing record poverty rates and crime equally as high, a contingent of Caribbean leaders are demanding reparations for these casualties of past oppression.

Many moons ago before my time
France, Britain and Spain just to name a few, made sport of colonizing these islands for material gain.

That wide-eyed explorer Christopher Columbus, as if the indigenous Taino tribe he met living on my place of birth was of no consequence, decided to name the Virgin Islands after Saint Ursula and her 11,000 virgin maidens.

What he and his band left behind was far from virgin.

Reggae, arguably the world's most popularized revolution sound, was inspired by defiance to cultural and political oppression.

Listen to the non-tourist guide Bob Marley , like "Crazy Ballhead" and "I Shot the Sheriff" and rock to the rhythm of rebellion.

Sean Paul, one of the genre's most prolific stars spoke candidly to me about the Caribbean's resilience to colonial rule.

"No matter what they throw at us I'm gonna survive...no matter how much they push me in a box, push me in a corner, I'm gonna break out," says Sean Paul. "If you pressure people and put them under scrutiny and push them in a corner, they're either gonna stay in that corner or break out."

On the issue of reparations the international reggae superstar is direct.

"I do agree that a lot has been taken from us. I do agree that when certain countries used to rule is and now has left our society, in the Caribbean we've been on a struggle for a long time...maybe we should get something back," says Paul.

Take a detour from your tourist guide and venture to St. Thomas' Savan district, Trinidad's Laventille ward and then Trenchtown, Jamaica.

You won't find paradise there.

So in response to the question posed earlier, shouldn't those born in paradise be given first rights to it?

I'm sure Columbus who named my birthplace in honor of one of the Roman Catholic faith's most heralded saints would agree.

After all, it's the Christian thing to do.


I'm Peter Bailey and this space is an extension of me. By now you've shared a NiteCap with me on NBC and read the autobiography I penned with Trick Daddy, "Magic City: Trials of a Native Son", praised by the New York Times as one of the pop music gems of 2010. If not, maybe you've read my articles in Time and Newsweek back when I perused the Big Apple, before my father's battle with Alzheimer's drove me south to Miami, closer to my native St. Thomas...and even closer to the defiant genius in the urban struggle whose voice I love amplifying.
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Mayor Oliver Gilbert Talks Miami Gardens' Future, Trayvon Martin & Black Apathy

On the heels of asking voters to agree to invest $60 million into Miami Gardens, Mayor Oliver Gilbert is the latest guest on Peter Bailey's critically-acclaimed NiteCap series. The Mayor talks exclusively about Trayvon Martin, black apathy and his hopes to make Miami Gardens a blueprint of successful black governance.

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Anthony Hamilton Talks Infidelity, Heartbreak & being the current King of Soul

In this very thought-provoking sit-down, Peter Bailey meets up with soul superstar Anthony Hamilton inside at Jazz in the Gardens where Hamilton opens up about getting past cheating on his wife, reconciling and the heartbreak that inspired his legendary sound

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LL Cool J Talks Monogamy, Authenticity & His Faith

Award-winning author Peter Bailey continues his critically-acclaimed docu-series meeting up with LL Cool J at Jazz in the Gardens where the two discuss the pop icon's legendary career, his faith that sustains it and unfaithful women in the ever-growing monogamy debate.

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Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Calls Monogamy "Impossible", Talks NFL "Box" & Liberty City

Peter Bailey continues his critically-acclaimed series by sharing a NiteCap inside David's Cafe on South Beach with former NFL star & reality TV personality Chad Johnson. Chad opens up exclusively to Peter about past with Evelyn Lozada, monogamy, embattled NFL career and Liberty City childhood.

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Author Brad Meltzer Talks Jay Z, Kanye West & The Iluminati

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Yo Gotti: "The streets are like a brand now"

Peter Bailey continues his critically-acclaimed NiteCap series meeting up with Yo Gotti inside his South Beach residence where the Memphis emcee opens up about his drug-dealing past, the exploitation of street life and his hopes to bring jobs to Memphis.

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As the go to destination for all things inspirational in pop culture, IamPeterBailey.com is America's new hub for insight into what truly matters in our society by offering soulful and introspective reportage that redefines who we are by humanizing today's stories and news makers.

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