NiteCap: Future: “My Music Is Priceless”

Passion & Pain


It’s what best describes Future, Atlanta’s newest emcee prodigy, who seems undeterred by the challenges innovation breeds.

Because after all, someone out there must feel what he feels.

“You never know who can relate to the story,” explains Future. “Somebody’s going through what you’re going through”.

That conviction has caused the Dirty South crooner to push the hip hop barometer, thus scoring a no. 1 smash with “Turn On The Lights”.

On this night sitting inside Poe Boy Studios – Miami’s grittiest and most prolific homegrown record label – Future defended the lukewarm response to his debut “Pluto”.

“Every dude right now that’s a legend in the game from Jay Z…when he did Reasonable Doubt, no paid attention to his album when it first came out,” he explained. “It takes a while for greatness to catch on.”

Later that evening when he performed “Turn On The Lights” in front of a raucous South Beach crowd which included Flo Rida and Birdman; it seems folks are indeed catching on.

The song, an ode to love entrenched in gritty storytelling from the other side, epitomizes Future’s mastery of balancing passion with pain.

Says Future: “I’m just being me. I can’t hide I am so I might as well give you the real side of me.”

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