NiteCap: Fantasia Talks Being Single, Lose to Win & Social Media

“Love & Lost”

When love is distant, elusive from her gasp, Fantasia’s yearning is fodder for chart-topping hits.

So what happens when that void is filled?

“Hmmm, I don’t know…” joked Fantasia.

“I don’t think it [music] will change; I’m a soul singer so I tend to sing what I hear about what people go through. I try to bless people with my music so I don’t think it’ll change.”

The always endearing American Idol divulged the meaning behind her new single “Lose To Win” on a recent Saturday inside Miami’s Hot 105 studio.
In town headlining Miami Gardens’ Jazz in the Gardens, the songstress stressed the ballad reaches beyond merely heartbreak.

“When I say lose to win I don’t want people to think I’m only talking about love,” she says. “There’s people out there who’ve lost homes and jobs…I want them to know sometimes you have to lose those things for God to put the right things in your life.”

As for her pursuit of that thingwhich she so masterfully echoes in song?

“Right now I’m at peace…I can take time to learn and love Fantasia again, so that when the man does come that’s right I can love him the right way.”

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